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Quick question: Did you miss Victoria Garden City (VGC), Lekki, or, do you have about N80m for a nice buildable plot there now (No??)? Then, don't miss Bluestone Garden City (BGC), a 900-acre, equally-well-planned estate all covered by C of O in Mowe. It's indeed the only well structured development of such scale on the left axis of the Lagos-Ibadan corridor after Berger! It epitomizes a place of unrivalled serenity and affordable luxury away from the bustle of Lagos city centre.
Main Entrance & Price Info
Why? Everyone knows what contribution the construction of the Lekki-Epe Expressway made to the appreciation of the VGC and general real estate around that corridor. Wise ones don't need more schooling to know what equal contribution the newly revamped Lagos-Ibadan expressway and Lagos-Ibadan railway will bring to BGC-Mowe and surrounding corridor. People are already up in frenzy on the prospect of working in Ibadan and living in Lagos! Doubt me? Ask around. Simply, this is the PERFECT TIME to own real estate in Mowe.
Standard road and drainage
Developer: Arc-View Investments Limited

Location of Estate: Mowe town, before Redemption Camp, off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, just 30-min drive from Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja. You drive in comfortably to your residence all the way from the upgraded Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

Types of Houses (off plan) to be delivered in three months: 3 Bedroom Bungalows (all rooms spacious and ensuite with walk-in-closet, guest toilet, ante room, large sitting room, dinning area and children's play area, tiled, POP ceiling, Aluminum or Gerard roofing with parapet). Land is also available to build to your taste. Those who have seen our Phase 1 with over 350 housing units in Mowe-Ofada will readily attest to our delivery capacity of this Phase 2 with 2,000-housing-unit plan in next 2 years.
Electricity provided
3-Bedroom Bungalow Packages: Executive - N17.5m (on full plot), Classic - N15.0m (on half plot), and Basic - N12.5m (on half plot). Take advantage of our flexible and interest-free payment plan with N2.5m initial deposit and balance over 24 months. Outright payment attracts 5% discount! We can also build duplexes for you on special request.
Land: N4m, N2.5m and N5m for full, half and commercial plots respectively.

READILY AVAILABLE FACILITIES: Perimeter fencing, interlocked road, water, electricity, recreational ground, security, standard reinforced concrete lined drainage, etc.
Pay 70% and move in.

Become a Landlord now in this wonderful estate while you can! Get yours this November 2019!! More: Promo is on - get FREE gas Cooker, table top Fridge or standing Fan/bag of Rice if you pay N1.5m, N500k or N250k respectively for any of our products this 2019 festive season!!
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Do not be surprised at this question. You will be surprised there are many perspectives to defining land, but we bring to your reading a more important one, actually a prequel to our previous post ON LAND DOCUMENTATION IN NIGERIA

Land is real estate or property, minus buildings and equipment, that is designated by fixed spatial boundaries. Land ownership may offer the title holder the right to natural resources on the land. In real estate, a lot (in the USA) or plot is a tract or parcel of land owned or meant to be owned by some owner(s).

Land, sometimes referred to as dry land, is the solid surface of Earth that is not permanently covered by water. The vast majority of human activity throughout history has occurred in land areas that support agriculture, habitat, and various natural resources.

The basic concept of land is that it is a piece of earth, namely a piece of property that has an owner. A more delineated concept of land, the legal concept of land, is that it is a factor of some form of production, and though it is not consumed during this production, no production would be possible without it.

What are the three physical characteristics of land? Land is physically immobile. Consequently, the real estate market is local in nature. Also, due to its immobility, the value of a piece of real estate is directly affected by its surroundings, things external:

1. Immobility: land is physically immobile, cannot be moved from one geographical location to another. Also, due to it immobility, the price is affected by its surroundings; the neighborhood is very germaine to the price of land.

2. Indestructibility: land cannot be destroyed by changing conditions but physically, land goes on forever; apart from erosion and some climatical changes like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and land slides.

3. Uniqueness: land improvements are not standardized or homogeneous. Parcels of land differ in sizes, shapes, locations and appearances.

Synonymous with land are belongings,
assets, holdings, inheritance, capital, equity, investments, goods, earthly possessions,
real property, personal property, private property, public property, wealth, business, estate farm, home, etc.
Credit - Mr Segun Oshundairo, CEO, Arcview Investment Ltd at a weekly lecture

At KORP Properties, we are dedicated to transforming dirt (virgin land space) to wealth. If you have empty land space we can work on, kindly contact us at HERE or call +234-818-356-7878 to more information.

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This is an elucidation of the post on GAZETTE: UNDERSTANDING LAND DOCUMENTS in Nigeria. One of the most important ways of laying claim to ownership of land as well as in any land/landed properties’ transactions in this country is by having title documents that are relevant and recognized by various government statutes and laws on such land and landed properties. This article is dedicated to identifying and explaining the various title documents that are relevant in any land and landed property ownership and/or transaction in Nigeria. The presentation of any of these title documents will help make such ownership claim or transaction become legitimate after proper verification from the appropriate government agencies in charge of all land and landed properties’ matters in Nigeria. As explained, the need for a relevant title document to support land and landed property transaction/ownership became very important because of the complex nature of land alienation and ownership disputes in the country. Hence, the need for a legal document recognized by government statute and law which confers title ownership status to the holder of such land and landed property.


This is the most important land title document used to certify the legal and ownership status of any land in Nigeria irrespective of its usage. It is a legal document indicating that an owner of any land has been granted a statutory right of occupancy by the executive governor of the state where the land situates or a customary right of occupancy by the local government chairman if the land is in a rural (non-urban) area. This statutory right of occupancy is different from a Customary Right of Occupancy, which is usually granted by Local Government Council.

A Certificate of Occupancy is the land title document that is delivered to the owner of a piece or larger parcel of land by the government attesting to the owner’s title to the land whose ownership is in accordance with the applicable law. Over time, users of land and financial institutions have elevated this type of land document to be conclusive evidence of the ownership of the land described in it, to the exclusion of any other party claiming title to the same piece of land.

Right of Occupancy (R of O)

The Land Use Act introduced the right of occupancy system in Nigeria. Right of occupancy is a right to use and occupy land in accordance with the provisions of the Land Use Act. Right of Occupancy is completely different from ownership of land known under both customary and common laws which exists before the promulgation of the Land Use Act.

It is the right granted to an individual or corporate organization over a plot or parcel of land in an approved government layout. The right is for a period normally, a maximum of 99 years lease is granted for residential purpose, while other uses range from 35 to 70 years depending on the value of improvements.

It is the grant to an individual or corporate organization over a plot or parcel of land in an approved government layout. The right is normally granted by the Governor of the state where the land is located and the Minister, in case of land under the control and management of the Federal Capital Territory.

A certificate of occupancy is therefore the evidence of the right of occupancy. A certificate of occupancy is a document that shows that the person disclosed therein is entitled to the right of occupancy. It must be noted that certificate of occupancy is the only method devised by the Land Use Act which links a person to a right of occupancy.


This is a very important document that must be demanded for and given to a purchaser after the conclusion of any land/property transaction between such purchaser/buyer and the owner/seller of the land/landed property in question.

Section 2(v) of the Conveyancing Act 1881 provides the definition of conveyance as follows: “A conveyance includes any assignment, appointment, lease, settlement and other assurances and covenants to surrender made by deed on sale, mortgage, demise or settlement of any property or on any other dealing with or for any property; and convey, unless a contrary intention appears, has a meaning corresponding with that of conveyance”.

Also section 2(1) of the Property and Conveyancing Law, 1959 states that: “A Conveyance is a mortgage, charge, lease, assent, vesting declaration and every other instrument except a will”.  Conveyances are described as including “assignment, appointment, lease, settlement and other assurance and covenant to surrender, made by deed, on a sale, mortgage, demise, or settlement of any property, or any other dealing with of for any property”.

Conveyancing is the process by which ownership of land is transferred between a seller and a buyer. This can include both residential and commercial land transactions.

It refers to the mutual agreement between an owner or seller of a land/landed property and the purchaser/buyer of such land/landed property showing evidence that the owner/seller of the land/landed property has transferred all his/her ownership, interest, rights and title on the land/landed property to the purchaser/buyer who has bought the land/landed property from him/her.

A Deed of Assignment therefore is an agreement where an assignor states his promise that from the date of the assignment or any date stipulated therein, the assignor assigns his ownership in that Land to the assignee.

The deed contains very pertinent information for a real estate transaction. It spells out the date when the ownership of the property transfers from one owner to the other. The deed also gives a specific description of the property that is included in the transfer of ownership.

It is very compulsory and mandatory for a Deed of Assignment document to be recorded at the appropriate land registry to show legal evidence as to the exchange of ownership in any land/landed property transaction in order to make the general public and government aware of such exchange and/or transaction.

Any recorded Deed of Assignment at the appropriate land registry will be authenticated in form of either a Governor’s Consent or Registered Conveyance after it has been stamped at the Stamp Duties office. Under the Land Use Act of 1978, when parties exchange documents of sale (A Deed of Assignment), what is being sold is the amount of time unexpired from the 99 year right of occupancy called “the unexpired residue of the term”.

Most importantly, apart from the Certificate of Occupancy, a deed of assignment or conveyance is the most recognized document of title on matters relating to land and landed properties’ ownership/transaction in Nigeria as it helps to trace the history of how such land and landed property that is being transferred gets to its present owner as well as any disputes that may have occurred as to the rightful owner of such land and/or landed property.

These documents (especially the Sale Agreement and the Deed of Assignment/Conveyance) must contain the names and descriptions of the parties, proper description of the property, the agreed purchase price, the acknowledgement of receipt of that amount, the capacity in which Vendor is selling, a Warranty that he has a right to sell in that capacity, condition that the contract shall be conditional on the obtaining of any requisite consents to the transaction, etc.


The use of Deed of Lease was quite common from the passage of the Land Use Act in 1978 to transfer property especially government properties in Ikoyi, Surulere, and Victoria Island axes of Lagos State during the mid-70s and 80s after the promulgation of the Land Use Act. These lands were mostly federal government lands and high-profile lands and it was the first foray into the issuance of the certificate of occupancies for the first time to people.


This is another relevant title document in any land and landed property ownership/transactions. It is the legal document duly signed and stamped indicating land and landed property transaction between a leaseholder of land sub-leasing his/her unexpired lease term to a third party.


This is a document of title as to the ownership of a piece or large parcel of land issued by a government’s land registry for registered freehold or leasehold lands in Nigeria prior to the promulgation of the Land Use Act of 1978. Land Certificate was usually issued to owners of land and landed properties when the Property Conveyancing Law of 1959 was still in effect.

It refers to the Prima facie evidence of land ownership prior to the promulgation of the Land Use Act which vests lands in the governor of each state of the federation.


Mortgage is defined as the transfer of interest in land as security for the discharge of a debt or the performance of an obligation subject to redemption.

It refers to a security for loan with an undertaken for repayment and cesser upon redemption. The common types of mortgage transactions are: Legal Mortgage and Equitable Mortgage

Legal mortgage is a type of mortgage which transfers the legal interest one has/owns in land, whether leasehold or freehold in consideration for loan advancement. It is usually created by a deed in accordance with the covenants of the mortgage contract or by use of a statutory form resulting in perfecting of instrument by which it is created.

Equitable mortgage on the other hand is a type of mortgage that transfers merely an equitable interest in land or some other properties to the mortgagee. It refers to an agreement to enter into a mortgage transaction but which is created on the rules of equity. Hence, a mere deposit of title deeds in exchange of a mortgage loan without a written agreement is an equitable mortgage.


This is another important title document that helps to reveal the true ownership status in any land and landed properties’ transactions. It also helps to reveal if such land is not under any government acquired or committed lands/area.

In a situation where the land to be purchased by the prospective buyer is just a bare land without any improvement or building on it, it is compulsory for the buyer to carry out a proper scrutiny on the authentication of the land survey plan at the appropriate survey ministry or agency so as to establish the rightful owner of the land and if the land to be purchased does not fall under any known government acquired or committed land.

Whatever title document that is presented during any land and landed property transaction by the owner/seller to the purchaser/buyer, it is compulsory for the parties involved in the transaction to obtain the governor’s consent as well as have the document duly registered with the appropriate government agency after completion of the transaction to make it legally binding on all parties involved in the transaction.

The Land Use Act of 1978 makes it mandatory for a holder of right of occupancy (both actual grant or deemed grant) when carrying out subsequent transactions on the land, to obtain Governor’s Consent, either by way of assignment, mortgage, transfer of possession, sublease or as otherwise applicable.

Always carry out a thorough search at the appropriate government lands registry to determine the true ownership status of any land and landed property prior to final completion of the real estate transaction.
Credit - Mr Segun Oshundairo, CEO, Arcview Investment Ltd at a weekly lecture

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Owning A Home Is More Sustainable Than Renting One

More and more people are trooping to urban centres in search of greener pastures. The resultant reality is that the number of people to available infrastructure is increasing and government is increasingly unable to meet their needs. Housing is one of such sacrosanct needs. Unofficially, record is that Nigeria's housing deficit currently stands at 20 million plus. In the face of dwindling, and insincere government dealings, what behoves on the average, wise citizen is to begin taking little, possible steps to ensure his future is secure.

Countless people have lived and worked in Lagos, for example, for more than 20 years and yet unable to boast of any real property investment in their portfolio. They've spent their life earnings on rents from one part of the city to another as their income grew and pathetically, they've retired or are near it and begin to regret when they look back. To the younger generation, this is a clarion call to begin to act now as little steps and efforts count a lot. There are several mortgage options one can subscribe to if found credit-worthy. Know that it's better to be your own Lord than be at the mercy of some unscrupulous landlords out there who increase their rent anyhow and at anytime without due recourse to recommendations of the law.

Now, average annual rent of a family-sized flat on Lagos Mainland is N450,000; and average relocation time to a new apartment is 5 years. Therefore, over 20 years, one could have spent roughly N10m on rents alone. Truth be told that this sum of money isn't easily come by at once for an average income earner but with diligent, disciplined efforts, one can work out ambitious projects to secure his future, the how of which is the purpose for this post.

Health before wealth is one of the most germane points we'll consider here because we are talking from a TDE-smart-home point of view - a solution from the stables of KORP Properties (an indigenous company) and Thorpe Development East (an American company) that is here to change our living narrative. Thorpe Development East smart homes are here to give us a whole new, pleasant living experience hitherto unknown in this part of the world. IMAGINE a home that feels you, interacts with you and takes care of you as much as you take care of it - that is the level we are taking you to. Remember it is when you are healthy that you'll be able to take care of your home, plan your future and save a lot of health-related costs - that's one cogent point we're making here because it is only until then we can begin talking sustainability.

Cost of land
We are here to disrupt the game! You can work towards acquiring land quickly now in a fast developing area so that your next plan can be to begin planning building your own house. We have secured an affordable, safe land portfolio ready for your purchase so that you can begin saving towards this easy, yet seemingly huge, project. You'll have to make some sacrifices towards this endeavour, no doubt.

Building a TDE smart home which comes with solar roofing provides better energy efficiency (power savings) than most energy solutions around, is good for the environment and can save you money on your utility bills each month. This is rarely found in tenanted buildings. Click to see some aesthetic TDE Smart Home Designs

Building your own house can lead to a level of satisfaction that you can't achieve through living in a rented apartment. Your TDE smart home is your creative work and it gives you joy which can lengthen your life span. What more? TDE offers a very customizable, stackable and scalable housing solution. Wow! Just what we need in this clime. Start with what you can afford, eg, you can start as a bachelor that can only afford N5m house. Then, as your income and family size grows, you can expand your quality smart home. Currently, no solution around is more innovatively sustainable than this!

Another significant fact that proves building a TDE smart home is more sustainable than renting a house is its green, eco- and energy-friendly advantage. While environmentally-friendly homes may cost more upfront to build, it would save you more money in the long run in terms of maintenance cost, considering that only first grade quality materials are used in its construction and that its main 7-gauge steel frame has a 100-year warranty.

In the light of the foregoing highlights, one cannot but get this reorientation that the earlier we join the rest of the advanced world in planning our future, living right and as a result, saving a lot of costs that would otherwismatters been wasted on maintenance, health-related matter, unnecessary bills, etc, the better for us. Guess what, this audacious solution is just here, 'in your pocket' and your don't have to search abroad. Just talk to us  at KORP Properties by clicking HERE

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You may be wondering why we are out to school you today. Well, it is just for the purpose of enlightening someone out there who may be reluctant to take that decision based on her psychological position.

According to Wikipedia, a landlord is the owner of a house, apartment, condominium, land or real estate which is rented or leased to an individual or business, who is called a tenant. And we make bold to add that even if you are the user of your own real estate, eg, an investor, and have no tenant, you are still a Landlord! 

On this premise, we will like to encourage everyone out there to enable them take the step to become a Landlord. It is not until you build a big house that you become a Landlord. Once you hold a piece of real estate - be it land (even if a quarter plot), or a building or any other landed property, that is registered in your name, you have become a Landlord and should see yourself as one!

The year 2018 is barely over. We at KORP Properties will like to help you achieve this dream of becoming a Landlord before the year runs out, especially now that there are lots of mouth-watering discounts and gift items to be won owing to festive period promos going on. It is very achievable. Contact us through our WEBSITE, follow us on our InstagramFacebook, and Twitter accounts, or call +234-818-356-7878 and we will be glad to guide you through to acquire a safe, affordable and secure real estate.

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With well over 20 million housing deficit in Nigeria, a country of about 200 milllion people, government's responsiveness to this challenge over time has been inadequate, thereby leaving private concerns with no choice than to support in addressing this huge lacuna. While a significant portion of the populace are at the mercy of some unscrupulous developers whose projects are too expensive for them to afford in the investors' attempts to make handsome profits, others have been compassionate to empathize with the people by bringing affordable housing solution schemes to the table. One of a few such is Arc-view Investments Ltd, and this post is aimed at showcasing one of their laudable projects.

Name: Treasure Island Estate

Developer: ArcView Investment Limited (RC 919120)

Location of Estate: Mowe-Ofada, after Redemption Camp just by International Breweries and Nestlé Foods at the Sagamu Interchange of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Types of Properties:
A.) 2 Bedroom Bungalows (All rooms ensuite, big-size kitchen with a laundry area by the side, guest toilet and a large sitting room; also each has space that can conveniently park 3 to 4 cars)

B.) 3 Bedroom Bungalows (all rooms ensuite with walk-in-closet space, guest toilet, ante room, large sitting room with POP ceiling, dinning area and children's play area)

C.) Full plot of land (120ft by 60ft) to build to your taste, yet without compulsion to use our architectural/building team

2 Bedrooms: N5m for Apartment and N6m for Finished Bungalow while N3.5m for Carcass Structure.
Payment Plan: N250k initial deposit and balance over 36 months (3 years), interest-free. Outright payment attracts 5% discount!

3 Bedrooms: N7.5m for Apartment and N8.5m for Finished Bungalow while N6.5m for carcass structure.
Payment Plan: N1.5m initial deposit and balance over 36 months (3 years), interest-free. Outright payment attracts 5% discount!

Land: N1.5m per 648sqm full plot.
Payment Plan: N250k initial deposit and balance over 12 months interest-free.

NO HIDDEN CHARGES except statutory fees such as:
> Survey fee: N150,000
> Legal Fee: N100,000
> Developmental fee: N500,000

Titled Documents: Estate is covered by perfect title:
Approved Survey Plan No - OG/816/2016/24
Layout No - MUPP/2017/LY/08/WDE
C of O (recently signed directly in Company's name) - No. 76, Page 76, Vol. 1065

AVAILABLE FACILITIES: Perimeter fencing, water, electricity, recreational ground, security, road, etc.
Pay 70% and move in.

All documents and detailed property space descriptions available on request. Whatsapp or call number at bottom of this message and we'll deliver it directly to your inbox.

What more? Get your documents instantly!
A.) With PAYMENT PLAN, you'll instantly get:
1. Invoice and Receipt,
2. Congratulations letter, and
3. Deed of Contract for Sale.
On completion of payment, you'll get:
4. Deed of Assignment, and
5. Allocation Letter with your home keys.
B.) On OUTRIGHT PAYMENT, you'll get all docs, 1-5 quickly!

Watch ongoing development of the estate on our YouTube Channel (Subscribe for subsequent juicy options, too):

No condition is permanent. Don't wait till tomorrow. Safely invest today and wait and share this wonderful opportunity among your family and friends, as well as work and business colleagues. Become a Landlord/lady in our estate while you can this 2019 ending! Subscribe now!!

Now, what concrete steps have you taken to invest in your future this year, or so far in life? Think deeply and answer the question. But guess what? We have got you covered!! With Arc-view's affordable housing scheme, you will not only be a Landlord but also an investor as major industries around the axis will make more and more workers to need houses for rent proximate to their offices, thereby creating means for a regular rental income for you, and an asset that you can bequeath to your children. Remember the estate is already covered by a direct global C of O. Hence, it will continue to appreciate in value. This is your own opportunity. Do not miss it but tell your loved ones about it before it is over subscribed! More than 250 units already gone, and counting!

For general enquiries &/or FREE inspection from our head office @ 314, Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos (Adjacent Elizade's Toyota Plaza and Nigerian Life & Provident Company, NLPC (Pension Fund Administrators PLC)), contact: +234 (818) 356-7878.

Saturday, 13 October 2018


Well, I trust you've heard a lot about Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, at least, but I don't know if you've ever visited this wonderful location, set to be the next industrial hub of Lagos, Nigeria and Africa at large. Even if you'll hearing of Ibeju-Lekki for the first time, know that it is my pleasure to tell you a little about it. To confirm what I'll be telling you, kindly Google 'the Lekki Free Trade Zone', 'Dangote Refinery', 'Lekki Deep Seaport', etc. All these global-scale projects and more are fast springing up there. I will tell you only a part of what I know very well about Ibeju-Lekki:
the Local Government area comprising about 30% of the land area of Lagos State land area is the new Lagos (all eyes are on it) and largely pre-developed. Besides, it hosts the largest REFINERY and Petrochemical plant in sub-saharan Africa - the DANGOTE REFINERY.

The communities formerly inhabiting where the REFINERY, the Lekki Free Trade Zone and other multinational companies presently sit were displaced to Oshoroko, Origanrigan and Olomowewe axes, the closest of which is Oshoroko.
I also know that Dangote Refinery will start operations in the first quarter of 2019, and ships are already berthing at his private port (adjacent the Lekki Deep Seaport) and he can't cater for the housing of all his staff and those that will be doing businesses with the company alone, which is why several real estate companies are setting up businesses there among which is your NUMBER 1 mega real estate company,  REVOLUTIONPLUS PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD (recently featured in a property fair in the UK in Oct. 2018), has taken the initiative to provide affordable housing in form of lands with C of O in this area and one of them is LEKKI ROYAL GARDEN (LRG).

LRG is 2 minutes drive from Dangote Refinery, 5 minutes from Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki Deep Seaport, Power Oil and a host of tanks farms and other giant companies on this axis. So you can see that it's time you took a break to tour the place to see things firsthand and act wisely!

Take this opportunity to own a piece of our C-of-O-titled properties in Oshoroko. Other affordable properties with different classes of titles and affordable payment plans are also available. Contact us now to take you on a free tour there and to plan your real estate future together with you on 08183567878 and/or

Thank you for reading.